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Finally, toys that align with your values!

Four EcoSplat reusable water balloons (red balloon, yellow, blue and green) floating in water.

EcoSplat Reusable Water Balloons

Love water fights but hate single-use water balloons?

Single-use water balloons produce over 3.2 billion pieces of rubbish each year.

EcoSplat is changing that with reusable water balloons: more fun, no rubbish.

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The hands of a 6 year old girl putting puzzle pieces into a jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle is "Whale Poo and CO2" and shows a picture of a whale pooing.

Wild Fixes

From your back garden to the vast depths of the oceans, wild places are absorbing carbon and helping to fix the climate crisis. Wild Fixes will take you on world-wide adventures to the wild places making a difference to climate change!

Get your Wild Fix today!

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Two 11 year old girls sitting in a clam shell paddling pool in a garden, laughing and holding EcoSplat Reusable Water Balloons ready to throw them. One girl holds a red balloon and the other holds a yellow balloon and a blue balloon.

World Sustainable Toy Day

Toys shape how kids see and interact with the world, which gives us the opportunity and responsibility to use play to help them become more climate confident.

Join our global campaign to promote sustainable toys and a more eco-friendly toy industry!

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What do toys have to do with climate change?

  • Four green cartoon faces. Three of them look worried and have a worried squiggle on the top of their heads. One of the cartoon faces is faded out and smiling.

    75% of kids are frightened for their future because of climate change

  • A carton of a green rubbish bag.

    1 million tonnes of plastic waste is created every year by the toy industry 

  • A cartoon of a factory with smoke coming out of the chimneys

    The toy industry contributes to climate change

  • A cartoon of a calendar with some of the days marked off

    Kids lose interest in 25% of their toys after one week

Sustained Fun is the world's first climate change focused toy company