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Simply get in touch on behalf of your charity, school, club or group and we'll give you a unique code. We'll donate $1 from every item sold to your group and your members will receive 10% off their order.

Resources available and special offers throughout the year.

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For every item sold we'll donate $1 to your group and as a bonus, your members get 10% off Sustained Fun toys!

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Throughout the year we'll send you extra offers to celebrate special days (like Earth Day or World Oceans Day). Simply share the offer through your social media and newsletter.

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The simplest fundraising around. Just share the resources with your members and we'll send you $1 for every item sold using your unique code.

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    Environmental Groups

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  • Schools

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  • Climate Action Groups

    The climate needs you, and action takes funds!

Small print: We reserve the right to refuse to fundraise with groups that don't align with our values.