How do I fill EcoSPLAT! reusable water balloons? Just dunk EcoSPLAT! reusable water balloons in water and they’re ready to throw!

What are they made of? EcoSPLAT! reusable water balloons are made of polyester. 

Does it hurt when they hit? EcoSPLAT! reusable water balloons are soft and the water is released more easily than from regular water balloons so they don't need to be thrown as hard to get a good splash. Like all water balloons, do not throw them at people's heads. Do not use catapults, slingshots or other throwing devices with EcoSplat, or other water balloons.

Are they suitable for little kids? The great thing about EcoSPLAT! reusable water balloons is that they’re easy for little kids to use. You don’t need to throw them hard to get a splat - so little kids can have heaps of fun!

Can I use them with paint or dye? Yes! But keep them separate from the ones you use for water.

What else can I use them for? Washing the car, bath toys - the sky’s the limit!

Water balloons are banned at the campsite I’m going to - can I use EcoSPLAT! Balloons? Yes! Single-use water balloons are banned at campsites because of the rubbish they make. But EcoSPLAT! reusable water balloons don’t create rubbish, so you can use them at campsites.

Can I use them at the beach? Yes, but please keep them away from the ocean so they don’t wash away - we don’t want them floating in the sea.

Are water balloons biodegradable? Single-use water balloons are made of latex which is made from natural rubber. Natural latex is biodegradable but after adding chemicals, plasticisers and dyes balloons are no longer biodegradable. When they are in the environment they slowly break down into tiny pieces which can be ingested by animals. Balloons can last years in the environment in which time they can be mistaken by animals as food, blocking intestines and causing animals to starve.

Are water balloons bad for the environment? Single-use water balloons are bad for the environment, littering our gardens, parks and beaches with small bits of plastic that can be mistaken for food by wildlife (including your dog!) causing choking or blocking their intestines.

How much is shipping? New Zealand wide shipping is $6.50 for parcels under 1kg and $12.50 above 1kg.

Do you ship overseas? Yes

How will you package my order? Our packaging is plastic-free. (include details here cardboard box, paper tape).

What is the returns policy? See here

Can I create a wholesale account? Yes! Get in touch