Sustainability is our purpose

Sustained Fun exists because of the core values of environmental protection and conservation that we live by. Here's how we apply that to the company.

Helen Townsend and Anthea Ibell sitting at a table, smiling and looking at a laptop. Helen is pointing to the screen and Anthea is holding a pen There is a blue EcoSplat reusable water balloon on the table.

We're a B Corp

This means that we’ve met high environmental and social standards and have a business structure that legally protects social and environmental performance as well as profit. We’re joining over 6,000 other companies from around the world who are redefining business-as-usual and saying that how we treat people and protect the environment is as important as profit.

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The logo of Sustained Fun with the UN SDG icons: 12: Responsible consumption and production; 13: Climate action and 14: Life below water


Aligning with the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals are an urgent call to action by all countries to work in a global partnership for the peace and prosperity for people and the planet.

At Sustained Fun we believe that the only way to combat the business-as-usual attitude of profit at the expense of the environment is for companies to operate in an ethical and sustainable way, with the planet and people having equal importance to profit. 

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Icon showing 120% carbon offset.

Carbon emissions

We offset our Scope 1 and 2 emissions as well as some of our Scope 3 emissions. These are certified through our B Corp certificaton and offset through Ecologi.

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A cartoon of three EcoSplat reusable water balloon Splats. The are in a circle - one is jumping, one is splatted on the ground and one is running.

How we operate

Sustainability is embedded in everything we do.

100% recyclable packaging.

All orders shipped plastic-free.

We get around in electric vehicles.

We're powered by 100% renewable and carbon zero certified electricity.

We offset 120% of the carbon we produce.

A photo of a waterfall running through the forest.

Our ethics

We recognise the importance of being honest, trustworthy and kind. We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all our operations. We will respect and care for people and the environment.

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The logo of World Sustainable Toy Day over different coloured paint pots.

Changing the toy industry

The global toy industry is the most plastic intensive in the world with a linear business model based on high consumption of disposable plastic toys.

We're working with toy libraries, toy companies and stores to build a more sustainable toy industry.

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A woman smiling and having a water fight with her son whose back is to the camera.

A better future

Parenting in the climate crisis is hard work! We've got resources and activities to help inspire and encourage families. And of course, toys align with your values!

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