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Love water fights but hate single-use water balloons?

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Blue shape with the texts " Each EcoSplat reusable water balloon replaces more than 3000 single-use water balloons. Just dunk, throw and repeat for endless fun, environmentally-friendly water fights!"

Water fights that last all day!

With EcoSplat you never need to buy more water balloons.

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A red EcoSplat Reusable Water Balloon surrounded by different coloured single-use water balloons. Red balloon

Swap disposable for reusable!

We’ve compared EcoSplat Reusable Water Balloons with different types of single-use water balloons and the results show that reusables come out ahead of disposables which ever way you look at it.

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A cartoon of a green sea turtle swimming on a blue background, about to eat a broken red balloon.

What's the problem with balloons?

Balloons are really bad for the environment. They're not biodegradable, they encourage single-use culture, and if you’re a seabird or a turtle, balloons look like food and are ‘disproportionately lethal'.

8 reasons it's time to say goodbye to balloons