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EcoSplat Bundle

EcoSplat Bundle

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The ultimate EcoSplat fun pack!

Water fights, activities, science experiments, colouring, crafts, scavenger hunts... Everything the kids will need for EcoSplat fun in all seasons!

Contains 1 of each:

  • EcoSplat Reusable Water Balloons
  • What's That Splat?
  • Splat, Play, Discover!
  • and an EcoSplat pencil!

EcoSplat: swap to environmentally friendly, reusable water balloons to reduce waste and have longer water fights! 

Splat, Play, Discover: loads of activities to do with EcoSplat including art projects, science experiments and active outdoor games.

What's that Splat?!: Activity book with art prompts, scavenger hunts, colouring pages and nature focused challenges.

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