About Us

At Sustained Fun we want to grow climate confident kids - all our products empower kids to combat climate anxiety through play.

Today's kids are bombarded with negative information about climate change and it's making them anxious. 84% of kids are worried about climate change and many feel powerless, helpless and guilty.

We're the only toy company in the world that is 100% focused on empowering kids to feel confident about their future while having fun.

Our toys are good for the environment: they are fun for longer, reduce waste, encourage a love for the environment and teach about STEM.

Carbon We offset 120% of the carbon we produce through Ecologi.

Our Team

Co-founders Helen and Anthea have been leaders in sustainability since 2013, establishing high impact, award-winning businesses that disrupt the status quo.

Sustained Fun is founded on the environmental principles that are an integral part of Helen and Anthea's lives and brings together their previous business success to the goal of becoming a world leader in sustainable fun.

 Helen Townsend Sustained Fun cofounder Helen Townsend 

After living in Nepal and witnessing how much plastic ends up in their rivers, Helen realised that in NZ we produce so much more rubbish but because it's collected every two weeks we never have to confront it. Her previous business, The Rubbish Whisperer was twice recognised by KNZB as NZ's most sustainable business.

Anthea madill sustained fun co founder
Anthea Madill

Anthea has always had a passion for the environment. In 2016 having a child confronted her with the disconnect between her actions and her household’s environmental impact. In her previous business, Remix Plastic, astute marketing resulted in one product, Huia Feather earrings, to go viral with sales increasing 140,000%.

Advisory Board

Tim Jones sales advisor for Sustained Fun Limited
Tim Jones - Sales

Tim is The Grow Good Guy. He delivers inspirational, motivational, memorable and impactful consulting, training and coaching to individuals and organisations. He helps them achieve meaningful goals in life, and work, by tapping into the potential of their purpose-fueled performance.

Trudi Bishop
Trudi Bishop - Toy Industry
Trudi has more than 15 years of European-wide product marketing experience primarily from the toy and licensing industry. After witnessing first-hand the waste generated by these industries she began highlighting their environmental impact. Trudi believes a sustainable company should aim to do more good not be less bad. 


 Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment Sustainable Ōtautahi Christchurch New Zealand Association for Environmental Education APPA