Towards a Carbon Neutral Toy Industry - World Sustainable Toy Day 17th November 2023

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Imagine a toy industry that’s leading the world in a carbon neutral future, inspiring and empowering children and their families through play!

Currently the global toy industry is carbon intensive with 90% of toys made from plastic and long supply chains adding to the footprint. To have a liveable planet and keep global warming below 1.5 degrees, the world needs to halve annual greenhouse gas emissions in the next eight years.

The toy industry has a unique and powerful position to, not only reduce its own emissions, but to influence and normalise a low-carbon future for kids and families around the world.

Throughout 2023 we’ll be publishing a series of blogs on carbon emissions, climate change, climate anxiety and how the toy industry can become carbon neutral. Join us in 2023 as we move Towards a Carbon Neutral Toy Industry! 

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