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  • A cartoon of a dancing and smiling green EcoSplat Reusable Water Balloon Splat with a speech bubble saying " We sold the first pack of EcoSplat yesterday, within hours of delivery" Potter's Patch.
  • A cartoon of a smiling, dancing EcoSplat reusable water balloon Splat with a speech bubble saying " Congrats on creating such a great product! They continue to sell well!" Spacecraft Creative

Why stock EcoSplat?

Our toys reduce waste, foster a love for the environment, are grounded in S.T.E.M and address climate change.

But most importantly our toys are fun!

Each of our quality brands has an exciting point of difference which makes playing with them more fun than the existing alternatives, while at the same time contributing to a more sustainable toy industry.

Two packs of EcoSplat Reusable Water Balloons stacked on top of each other with 4 EcoSplat Reusable Water Balloons next to the boxes. The text says "Now in stock! Reusable water balloons!"

Resources available

Social media - Tiles and reels will be made available for your social media, website and displays. You may freely use this content for your communications about EcoSplat. Check out our Instagram for more examples.

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