18 toy companies that are B Corps!

18 toy companies that are B Corps!

To celebrate B Corp month we want to highlight all the toy companies around the world that are B Corps. The toy industry is the most plastic intensive in the world and it shapes how children see and interact with the world. Currently the toy industry is mainly based on a linear business model of high consumption of plastic toys creating huge amounts waste and carbon dioxide

These companies, operating to the highest ethical and environmental standards, are leading the way in transforming the toy industry, making it more sustainable, more circular and fit for the 21st Century.

Sustained Fun, New Zealand

Sustained Fun is a multi-award winning toy company whose mission is to develop children’s toys which address climate anxiety and build confidence through play. Our toys are designed to be more fun for longer, minimise waste, encourage a love for the environment and incorporate S.T.E.M. We're also the creators of World Sustainable Toy Day. This year's theme is Towards a Carbon Neutral Toy Industry. Get involved today!

World Sustainable Toy Day 2023, Towards a Carbon Neutral Toy Industry, November 17, #worldsustainabletoyday

Micro Scooters UK

We’re on a mission to make everyday journeys better. Better for today’s families. Better for our world. We invented the original scooter 20 years ago. We continue to pioneer family mobility today. It’s the reason we will never stand still. Micro Scooters. Made for adventure. Built to last.

Radio Flyer USA

Trusted and loved by families for over 100 years, Radio Flyer is the maker of the iconic little red wagon and world's leading producer of ride-ons. Radio Flyer’s trailblazing efforts established it as a leader in sustainability within the toy industry.

The Paper Party Bag Shop UK

A one-stop shop for plastic-free and eco-friendly party bags and party bag fillers. The Paper Party Bag Shop have never used plastic in any of their toys and the packaging is made from potato/corn starch, clearly labeled and compostable when disposed of correctly.

Hevea, Denmark

HEVEA is a Danish brand designing and producing and selling the most beautiful, safe and eco-friendly natural rubber products For +12 years we've been a main driver in changing the market away from plastic, silicone and other petroleum-based substances towards natural products - and our journey continues! 

Lovevery, USA

Lovevery launched in November 2017 with a single product: The Play Gym. Now best known for their cult-favorite subscription Play Kits, the Boise, Idaho-based startup has expanded into a beloved family brand.

Olli Ella, Australia

Olli Ella creates timeless pieces that continue to be loved through the generations with emphasis on diversity and social inclusion. Focused on natural and mindfully sourced materials with true attention on craftsmanship and uplifting the communities where they are made. 

EcoAction Games, UK

We are the UK’s leading specialist in innovative, interactive, eco educational games, resources & employee training that help people become more eco-friendly in their everyday lives at home, school, work and university.

Ondulé, Argentina

Ondulé is a company that seeks to promote creativity, imagination and socialisation of children through toys made from recycled cardboard.

Toynovo, Colombia

Toynovo is the first toy circular economy community linking schools and families through selling or renting children's toys. They can also donate, repair or recycle toys. We also work with lower-income families, who receive donations of toys that rotate according to their needs.

Le Petit Planet, UK

Le Petit Planet enables families to buy new from sustainable premium brands and then resell outgrown items, all on the same platform. This integrated sale and re-sale model, which is the first of its kind in the children's market, will help parents shift their habits towards a growing circular economy. 

Merry Go Rounds, USA

Merry Go Rounds is a children’s resale marketplace that makes shopping for kids more sustainable, affordable, and fun. Its mission is to improve the experience of shopping secondhand, change people’s perception of resale, and reduce the environmental impact of children's goods.

Grupo Cemaco, Guatemala

Grupo Cemaco's mission is to provide excellent customer service and high value products in home improvement, home furnishings, toy and baby products. They work towards having a positive impact in the communities they serve by focusing on their team, community and environmental impact.

EcoBirdy, Belgium

EcoBirdy has created a whole system from the collection and recycling of old plastic toys to the design and production of the furniture. “We wanted to change the perception people had of products made with recycled material". Every step of the business is based on social and environmental responsibility.

Dream Act, France

Dream Act is involved in the promotion of sustainable consumption: ethical fashion, slow cosmetics, green home, local made toys, zero waste. Over 800 social businesses sell their products on the marketplace of Dream Act. 

Leather Heart, Venezuela

Leather Heart creates products with purpose that positively impact people, society and nature and they are happy doing it.

Nature et Decouvertes, France

Nature & Découvertes reconnects city-dwellers to nature and invite them to embrace a slow life.The concept of the store goes beyond sustainable and fair trade, we offer a range of activities (birthdays, excursions, workshops, etc.) to open the doors of the natural world with enthusiasts.

Dolphin Blue, USA

Dolphin Blue's goal is to provide ecologically sustainable products for use in home and business. They are an on-line retailer of children’s toys and much more. Their mission is to serve as your trusted source of the world’s most environmentally and socially responsible products.


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